Knot tattoos

Knot tattoos

Knot tattoos is considered as the kind of Celtic tattoo, but knot separately was never used – it was used as a combination of different ornaments and knots. Celtic knot tattoos are one of several examples of ancient tattoos that could combine deep meaning and unbelievable beauty of their design.

The meaning of Celtic knot tattoo designs is highly connected with their religion, with the beliefs of the Celtic people and their mythology. As in many other tribes and people they honored animals and flowers. But Celtic people also were among the first who began to use symbolism in the art of images.

It is simple to understand, because with the use of the symbols one can transmit much greater meaning in comparison to just the image of something. Celtic knot tattoos are the example of abstraction and mysterious signs.

Celtic style of knot tattoo designs comprises first of all the famous Celtic ornaments that are made with the interlacement of different lines, spirals, loops and knots. These lines usually do not have beginning or end and are known as the lines of life. They symbolize the connection of all things and events on earth and the eternity of life cycle. Celts believed that after death men are reborn. These pictures try to repeat the variety and complexity of nature itself. The lines of life that interlace in ornament or labyrinth form the so-called map of path, the human life with all its zigzags and loops. Also Celtic knot tattoos symbolize the place of connection of heaven and earth or the soul and body of a man.

Everybody knows and sees these knot tattoo designs nowadays. These symbols connected Christianity with common understanding of Celts concepts. For Celtic people such images were sacred symbols and protectors, but for believing people knot tattoos keep their initial meaning up to today.

Knot tattoos usually represent eternity to many things such as loyalty, faith, love or friendship. Knot is known as a good metaphor for life.

Celtic knot ornaments appeared long ago but people didn’t know too much about their purpose. They appeared in the history and often were called endless or even mystic knots.

When we see these pieces of beauty, they do not seem to have beginning or end and that for us means our endless spirits.

Eternal knot tattoo designs can represent symbolic ties in Tibet and Mongolia. This motif is used Tibet Buddhism. It can have several interpretations.
Because this knot does not have an end, this symbol means the acquisition of five kinds of initial wit. Knot tattoo designs represent the symbol of connection of all events and living creatures in the Universe.

Upon the whole knot tattoo designs are great because they can be very different – small, consisting from one or two knots, and large, using different complex combinations, where the tied knots depicted in different ornaments can tell the whole history about their host, his or her dreams, last life and mysterious desires. Celtic knot tattoos themselves, depicted in the unique motif of small tattoo, symbolizes eternity, eternal life cycle without beginning and end.

Mystical knot is one of the most powerful ancient symbols symbolizing eternity. Its design actually represents multiple eternal symbols. In Fang Sui symbolism mystical knot means never ending flow of luck in love, deeds, business, and the eternal flow of life.

In current eighth period, that will last until 2024 this symbol works particularly strong and powerful, because it consists of eight eights. The mystery knot tattoo designs not only draw good circumstances, but also protect from everything negative.